3D Printing Revolutionized With a Pen

The revolution that 3D printing has brought to many fields- medicine, defense and electronics to name a few- has only just begun. However, 3D printing has now undergone a revolution of its own with the invention of the 3D printing pen. It takes the power of a clunky 3D printer and puts it at your fingertips.

3d printing

The concept behind this pen blends a normal ink pen and a 3D printer. Imagine a pen that extrudes heated plastic rather than ink. As it leaves the pen barrel, the plastic cools instantly, thus holding its shape. This enables the user to “sculpt-draw” whatever their mind can create, no software or computer needed. http://www.3dengr.com/3d-printer-reviews

The pen is small, light-weight and easy to use once you get the hang of it. With new competitors entering the scene, the 3D pen has seen numerous advances since it was first offered in 2013. Choosing between various extrusion speeds and shapes, as well as thread color and type, can enhance your creative options. Increasingly quieter fans, battery power and slimmer designs all make the pen comfortable to use. As the technology moves forward the only thing limiting you may be your imagination.